The scopes of the company are simple and understandable : recover , recycle , refine and trade silver and gold . Arezzo Refinery is indeed by all means a market oriented company where the customer is the center of the whole activities either in purchases or reuse at the best possible level .  Despite the youthness of the company the staff is handled by processing manager and managers with long experience ( more than 30 years ) and high qualification  .

 The industrial processes are supported with latest technology and procedures complying the requirements of UNI EN ISO 11426 / ISO 9202 / 91 specific for precious metals and jewelry / goldsmith manufacturers.  

The dimension and the structure of the company has been projected to match the necessary flexibility to work in large scale as well as in small scale without penalizing lead time or costs for the services delivered.

Big customers or small they can count on the same dependability and support

The structure is simple with no unnecessary steps in the flow or in the chain of command thus giving the customers quick answers and decisions in strict control and full transparency.

In  Arezzo Refinery we have our own laboratory to test and pre test all the committed orders of work before finalizing the processes . 

We perform assays after smelting but we also perform the “ash assay” after burning to compare the expectations of the client with the results of the early stage according to a “no surprise” policy strictly observed in our operative procedures . 

The most assays are performed according to the standard of ISO 11426/93 which is commonly named “fire assay” or “cupellation” or else by AAS ( atomic absorption spectroscopy ) and  ICP  ( Inductive coupled plasma ) according to necessities and materials to be detected. 

We provide also assays and certifications for investors willing to trade in a safe and guaranteed way releasing final result within 2 hrs every 50 Kg of gold bullions to smelt and assay